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Friday, November 28, 2014

Dealing with a Crisis


Many country crisis situations occur in Nigeria. One is a crisis going on right now at the Lagos Airport Cargo Terminal. Last week, custom clearing agents, who worked in the cargo section of the Muhammed International Airport, assaulted officials of the Nigeria Customs Service who came for an inspection of their warehouse.

Armored personnel were called in and many were severely injured during this violent clash. The end result was that cargo terminals have been closed while terminal security management figures out how to handle random people entering the cargo area, violence, inadequate national security issues, and how to clear the terminal of “unwanted” elements. The bottom line is that airport security at the terminal needs to be improved, but many are furious that the terminal buildings have been shut affecting  both revenues and companies that have their cargo currently locked up affecting goods purchased for their Christmas sales – including perishable items.  With criminals jumping fences and illegal access to gates that are not policed, this crisis has become a totally chaotic situation.

A newspaper article in This Day Live entitled Taming the Crisis at Lagos Airport Cargo Terminal says the main concerns with this crisis are:
-          A Porous Facility

-          An Inadequate Security, and

-          A Lasting Solution

That is exactly what happens in our lives when we are dealing with an unsurmountable crisis that has become chaotic and uncontrollable.  When a crisis reaches that level, we need to check where the holes are, find the full-proof security, and come up with a lasting solution.

First, you need to analyze what is coming into your life porously causing the instability and confusion. Are ungodly influences in your life? Have you been involved in any sinful behavior? Are your attitudes towards people or your circumstances entering your mind causing disruption in how you see your crisis? Second, where is your security? Is your solution to the crisis based on Jesus Christ? Have you confessed your sins and placed your security in the arms of your blessed Lord and Savior? Doing this will fill the inadequate security problem in our lives. When Jesus Christ is leading our lives, our security creates stability and assurance that God will take over and handle our problem. Finally, the lasting solution is in trusting God and seeking His will and His way out. It may involve making changes, require apologies, and/or disassociating from undesirable individuals. Reading the Bible and asking God to speak to you about your problem will bring you peace and a lasting solution to your crisis, but you must obey His Word and His leading as it is shown to you.

Plugging up the holes that create porosity, finding the appropriate security in Jesus Christ, and trusting that God can provide a long-lasting solution is the means your crisis can be overcome and maintained.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding. Seek his will in all you do, and he will show you which path to take. Proverbs 3:5-6

Author Patti Londa Greene
Awaken Me: A Devotional Prayer Journal (ISBN 978-1-4627-2578-6)
God, It's Me: 181 Days for Young Adults to Become Passionate about Prayer and Bible Study (ISBN 978-1-4627-3821-2)

Dedicated to my friend Titi!